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 2017, A.D.

Welcome to our web site.

My husband, Bob Kaseweter, was falsely convicted of a crime that was committed by one of his employees from a Schuck's Auto Store in Portland, Oregon and  he served time in a Washington state prison from June 28, 1996, to March 24, 2010. For details on the crime  please read the two articles on our media page from the South Bend Tribune.


Professor Jackie McMurtrie and her group of "legal lambs" at the University of Washington chapter of the Innocence Project, as they continue to seek justice for others who have been falsely imprisoned in Washington state.  Lila Jane Silverstein of the Washington Appellate Project, who argued Bob's case valiantly at the Court of Appeals on April 1st, 2008, in Tacoma, WA.  That appeal  for an evidentiary hearing in Clark Co. WA, was denied in June, 2008. Kelly Canary, a lawyer who worked on Bob's case as a UW law student several years ago & was responsible for writing the pardon request at the UW law school.

My brother and sister in law, Mark and Lydia Kaseweter,  as well as Larry and Linda Riemath of the now famous  L & L's Bed and Breakfast, and Don and Charlotte Turya, who  welcomed  us into their homes the 32 times that we traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit Bob in prison. We appreciate the love and hospitality that you showed us the past 14 years. My mother, Lila Merrick, who  kept the home fires burning while we were gone several times a year to the Pacific Northwest to visit Bob. And our friends and neighbors, Cindy and Russ Shank, who came to our rescue whenever we had an emergency that required domestic skills, such as a flood in the house or a bat in the attic.You wrote the book on being  good neighbors.

Ron and Patsy Keeling, who housed Bob in Clark Co., WA, the month following his release from McNeil Island on March 24th. We are sure that your home seemed like a 5 star hotel after 14 years of incarceration.

Mark Sapusek, director of Web Solutions-Visionary Web, Wabash, IN, who set up this informative website free of charge for us.

Pastor John Unger and the congregation of Eastside Free Methodist Church, Portland, OR, and Pastor Keith McFarren and my home church, Faith United Methodist Church, South Bend, IN. These two congregations faithfully prayed for us and stood by us since our legal problems started in January, 1993. The many people who  regularly prayed for Bob's release and those who took time to write to Bob or visit him in prison. Special thanks to my cousin, Nancy Jo Merrick, and our former pastor's wife, Lois Davis, who wrote to Bob virtually every week for those 14 years.

And more than everyone listed above, we thank the Lord for bringing us together as a couple in 1992 and we are grateful to Him for reuniting us as a family living again under one roof. All praise to YHWH, the Lord is one.

 We are anxious to see what the future will bring to our family. Our wish is that He will bring you physical, spiritual and emotional wellness, meaningful relationships and a renewed awareness that all good gifts come from above.

Again we thank you.

The Kaseweters-

Bob, Rose Marie and Mikhala